About US

Company Introduction

Welcome to Coast Package Material. Your trusted partner for various packaging products!

We offer you a variety of material options and have the ability to customize your package to your design and specification. With our professional manufacturing team, we ensure you that your design will be recreated expertly.

At Coast Package Material, you could always find the best packaging solution for your needs.

Why Coast Package Material?

1. One-stop packaging products, from flexible packaging to rigid packaging.
It’s very time-consuming to search for a new packaging supplier especially when you need different packaging styles for your products. At Coast Package Material, we listen to your packaging needs, provide you with professional assistance, and deliver you the best packaging solution to fit your products.

2. Reliable service, prompt reaction.
With our experienced sales team and double-shift operations, we will respond your questions within 8 hours no matter where you are and when you send your request.

3. Premium quality. BRC, QS, ISO and CNAS certified.
Quality always comes the first place, because we understand it’s essential to deliver products with good quality. Only by this we could bring you peace of mind and build long-term relationships.

4. Competitive pricing.
You cannot get the lowest price in Chinese market because you are always able to acquire a lower option from some small workshop across the country. What we offer you is the most competitive price based on our guarantee of our products and most importantly, the service we provide starting from enquiry to receipt of shipments.