Gusset Bag a Stylish Pouch for Your Edible Products 

Coast Package Material delivers the best flexible pouches that have extra space just to add more food in small packing. It is designed to take up less space on your shelf and provide more room to add more food inside it like popcorn, peanuts, cashew nuts, and much more. It is a unique design pouch that can also be customized into different shapes and sizes upon ordering from us. It is made from nylon material with a glossy finish to avoid any accidental damage during transportation. This fancy gusset pouch can be used for both commercial and home use as we believe that it has great features in point of the design, maintenance-free property and long-lasting durability at a reasonable price.

Available in Different Types

We have a large variety of these pouches available to choose from. If you are feeling creative you can even give us a sample of the background or logo you want on your pouch and we will be happy to print it for you on it. Currently, one of the most popular types is our Kraft plain pouch. It offers no frills or embellishments but it has a strong texture and simple print that ensures there will be minimal exposure to dust while on store shelves. Another great thing about these bags is their material can handle harsh weather conditions easily because they have been designed with double-stitching at all edges, which allows less moisture absorption inside them, so your food items stay fresh longer. If your commercial establishment is looking for an efficient way on how to store products efficiently around the non-storing area then this product is perfect for you.

How to Make an Order

You can place your order for these bags just by clicking on the button on the side that says "inquire now" and tell us what you need and we will surely reply to you as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to tell us the size and colour you want for your products.