Leading Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Supplier

Coast package is the best manufacturer of stand-up pouches. We utilize our latest equipment, modern technology, competent staff, and a team of specialists to produce our high-quality stand-up pouches. Our international quality control team examines our product's quality daily; our international quality control team consists of quality examination professionals from across the globe. Our highly advanced machinery and skilled staff have helped us sell our high-quality stand-up pouches at lower prices than our rivals in the highly competitive stand up pouches wholesale market. 

Specifications and Benefits of Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Our stand-up pouches are composed of high-quality liner density-density polyethylene. We want you to pack food items in our high-quality stand-up pouches without worrying. You can use our stand up pouches packaging to pack liquids like ready-made cocktails and juice drinks. This is because they are approved by drink and food regulatory bodies, and their decreased weight makes them highly affordable to warehouse and transport. In contrast, their flexible shape lets shopkeepers show their larger quantities in their shops. You can also use our stand-up pouches to pack coffee and tea. We have produced them with numerous layers that safeguard their contents from extrinsic factors like dust and humidity. Thus, they protect the aroma of these goods. People can use our stand up pouches to pack non-food items like face masks, washing powder, shower gel, and shampoos.

Environment-Friendly Stand-Up Pouches

As a reliable wholesale stand up pouch supplier, we pack our finest stand-up pouches in environment-friendly packing. We have done this so that our packaging does not harm the atmosphere. Likewise, we manufacture our products by utilizing environment-friendly manufacturing techniques so that our production procedures do not contaminate the environment, which is one of our priorities. It would be excellent if you were not concerned about facing delays in receiving orders from us. We rigorously meet our delivery deadlines and will thus get our high-quality stand-up pouches supplied to you through our shipping contractor.