Child Resistant Packaging Supplier

Need good quality child resistance packaging for your medicines and other medical products? then buy from us. Coast Package Material is the leading Child Resistant Packaging wholesaler that supplies all its products worldwide. Our packaging is just what you need in order to save guard your medicines from getting in hands of the children. This packaging is also known as "special packaging," which simply means that is designed to be difficult to open for children under 5 years of age. 

Perfect for Medicine Bottles and Bags

These Child Resistant Packaging are perfect for all your packaging needs. So, no matter whether it is medicine bottles or other supplies, you can always rely on Coast Package Material to meet your demands in terms of variety and service. Thanks to its high quality and durability, it can also be used in the packing of other packaging supplies such as food products or devices. Also represents a suitable for handling radioactive materials and certain pesticides etc.

Available in Different Types of Artworks

The packagings are available with several artworks on opaque and transparent material so that they bear the maximum attention while being classified (for example, by healthcare personnel) at the time of reaching final destination. The child resistant packaging is designed to be unbreakable and very difficult to open by simple measures like puncture, cutting or squeezing (e.g., plastic bottle imploding powder into liquid).

The child resistant packaging is designed for any materials that are commonly used in the food manufacturing industry, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medicines etc which contain multiple compartments at fixed levels of protection such as heat-sensitive items (drug blister packs) and certain bottles containing ingredients unsuitable for consumption.

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The method of ordering our premium packaging products is very simple all you have to do is click on the inquire now button and place and your order there. You can also tell us if you want different sizes and shapes of these products, we will be happy to make it for you.