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Aug 24,2022

Flat Pouches- An Evolution In the Industry of Packaging!

A lot of us are familiar with the flat pouches that are now considered the saviors in the industry of packaging. This is because of their incredible benefits in our daily lives. Although in our daily lives we see the use of these flat pouches in different products, many of us are not familiar with the fact that there are various different types in the category of flat pouches. The types of flat pouches that are used for a specific type of product vary in terms of design and shape depending upon the product that they are being used for. Among all the types of flat pouches, some common ones that we come across are the form of three-sided seals, pillow pouches, side gussets, bottom gussets, etc. If we go into the detail of these flat pouches that are for the single-use. Usually, the material that is used to make them is in the form of metal foil, plastic, and sometimes even paper. These packaging are commonly used for almost everything from the packaging of snacks in the food industry, even liquids, and can also be found on shelves all across the globe. Among all the types of pouches, the most common type of flat pouches is:

1. Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are the type of pouches that are the most commonly seen to be used type of flexible pouches. These are the type of pouches that are most accessible and flexible pouches. These are the type of pouches that are known as stand up pouches because they can stand up. One might have seen these types of pouches in the grocery stores as an option of resealable strips that allows maintaining the freshness of the product.

These types of pouches are usually seen for applications like the packaging of granola bars, tea, and other applications that could be sealed again. These types of pouches are highly affordable and environmentally friendly packaging supplies. Moreover, these types of pouches can be customized as well as one can get them printed wit the logo of your brand, the selection of color and graphics. 

2. Gusseted Pouches (Side Gusset and Bottom Gusset)

Gusseted pouches are a form of variation when it comes to stand up pouches. With the gusseted pouches, we get to see there is a presence of indents on both sides, which makes it have a rectangular or a square base. Making it easier to make these pouches stand, adding some stability to them.

These pouches lack the ability to be sealed again; thus, the tops are often twisted and folded in order to maintain the freshness of the product that is within them. There are certain types of gusseted pouches that are known because of the feature of the package valve that allows the oxygen and scent to escape it. 

3. Pillow Pouches

These are the flat pouches that are considered one of the most demanded flat pouches of all time, and this is because of the fact that they are flexible in nature. They have been used for quite a long period of time in order to pack snacks and coffee, and other types of smaller servings of food that are packaged this way. 

These are one of the most economical and straightforward pouches that are available on the market. They have been used in the packaging of snacks, coffee, and other smaller items like candies as well. 

4. 3 Side Gusseted Pouches

When we talk about the side gusseted pouches, we get to see that there are mainly two main types of varieties among these side gusseted pouches; they are known as the side gusseted and the bottom gusseted pouches. The side gusseted pouches are the ones that are used for the products like coffee; they have two flat panels that are there on the front and the back with the presence of gussets on both sides; left and right.

The panels that are located on the back and front are the ones where usually the logo for branding or the printing of the imagery is to be done. Whereas the nutritional information and other types of details are mentioned on the sides. 

5. Liquid Pouch Packaging

In the case of liquid pouch packaging, there are various different types that are made, keeping in mind the requirement for the liquid packaging application; these pouches have a stable base. Thus, they can stand up with the seal over the three sides, a burst along with dual component pouches. These types of pouches are often seen being used for packaging products like hot sauce, kinds of ketchup, sauces, juices, and kinds of butter. Dairy supplements and even in the case of industrial liquids as well. 

Choosing the Right Flat Pouch packaging

i. When it comes to the selection of the right type of flat pouches, it is suggested that first, one needs to figure out which kind of flat pouch is right based on the requirement of your product. Going through the type of flat pouches and the purpose they are used for, one can decide the type of packaging that they need based on the requirement of their product.  

ii. There are various factors that need to be kept in mind while choosing the best product for your need; they are in the form of your budget, the type of machinery that you have, the weight and size of the product, and sometimes also the height of the product. 

iii. It is also advised that while looking for the best Flat Pouch brand, one needs to look for the brand that is experienced and has been in the line of packaging in order to avoid inconveniences of the last moment. Also, they can get you a variety of options that you can select from, along with complete knowledge of all the types of packaging and how they are supposed to be used.

iv. The best way to test the product of a supplier is by asking for the sample first, as this is the stage where the alterations can be made before the bulk production. In case of any changes and alterations, one must notice them before the production process. 

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