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Jul 12,2023

Why should companies pack their commodities in customized stand-up bags?

The products people purchase daily come in a range of packing types. Manufacturers sell some products by packing them in folding cartons, whereas they pack other commodities in metal tins, glass jars, or bottles. They have been utilizing these packing solutions for decades. Customized stand-up pouches, such as candy packing are one of the latest developments in flexible packing design. It provides various advantages for customers and companies alike. Stand-up, resealable bags are rapidly becoming a popular choice for companies searching for a new packing solution that provides many benefits. This blog discusses reasons behind their decision to buy customized stand-up pouches.

Flexible printing

As far as customized stand-up bags are concerned, the highly customized printer is more straightforward to obtain than other packing alternatives. Printing on metal tins requires a lot of time, and its results might not be as nice as on stand-up bags. Other packing processes have labeling problems that companies need help with in the case of customized stand-up pouches. 

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Flexographic printing for flexible packing is the most useful of all printing methods. It can offer great high-definition graphics for companies' customized stand-up pouch bags. Flexographic printing offers the most precise ink control and robust lay-down on a broad range of films. Whenever combined with advanced digital printing procedures, customized stand-up pouches might provide companies with' products with the most attractive graphics on the marketplace. 

The overall decrease in cost

If companies are interested in saving money on substances, switching to flexible packing and customized stand-up bags generally is a no-brainer. For instance, let's state a customized stand-up pouch costs around fifteen cents every run. This is less than fifty percent of the cost of its closest rival i.e. the folded plastic carton which is available at the cost of thirty-five cents per product. Plastic jars are much more expensive, costing between forty to fifty cents each. The metal jar is the most costly packing material, with per-piece prices ranging from fifty to sixty cents or potentially more. As stated, selecting special customized stand-up bags over a rigid packing option would exponentially add to a company's profitability.

Simple transportation and warehousing

Customized stand-up bags help companies save money in the product distribution procedure. With customized stand-up pouches, people can accommodate up to ten times the amount of products in one truck utilizing fewer pallets. This permits companies to store more of their commodity by occupying less space, and moving it around consumes less time and requires less effort.

Compared to conventional packing designed to store the product's same volume, customized stand-up pouches are incredibly lightweight. As the transportation cost is directly linked to the weight of the shipment, this is a huge advantage for the producer. Customized stand-up bags consume less space than conventional packing permitting makers to load more commodities into a delivery container than hard packing will permit.

Increased product security

Customized stand-up bags also let companies keep food items fresher for a longer time while offering excellent barrier safety from the elements. Puncture-resistant films can safeguard their products throughout transportation. Apart from that, incredibly high barrier films could provide extra safety against ultraviolet radiation, contaminants, moisture, and rest of the factors.

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Additionally, pollution is an important issue that makes final-end customers decide to back eco-friendly businesses. Plastic has many chemicals and poisons that pollute water whenever it is put in it. Having customized stand-up bags manufactured without plastic is the right step. It would substantially impact the atmosphere and improve the perception of a company's brand.

Enhanced shelf impact

Customized stand-up bags look unique on the shelf due to their different sizes and shapes and their excellent graphic possibilities, which this blog discussed above. The most significant benefit of customized stand-up bags is that they offer increased space to makers. By packing their commodities in custom-made stand-up pouches businesses provide their products the ability to compete in ways that rigid and other standard packing containers cannot. 

Size variations

Customized printed stand-up bags are available in a broad range of sizes and shapes. Most customers like conventional bags, a round-bottomed bag that folds evenly when empty. Suppliers also offer pinch-bottom box bags, sing-web quad pouches, flat-bottom box bags, and roll stock stand-up bags. Manufacturers must utilize customized stand-up bags if they are interested in making their products stand out from their rivals.

Extra convenience

Customers are hungry for convenience, and customized stand-up bags add priceless value to manufacturer's brand. Companies can safeguard their commodities by packing them in resealable closures, and consumers will enjoy their product while consuming it. Customized stand-up bags can also be steam-able, permitting consumers to prepare their food items without needing to take them out of the stand-up bag. Customers will note that companies select bespoke stand-up bag packaging as it shows that they are trying to fulfill their wants and needs. It is all about convenience nowadays. A manufacturer that insists on utilizing old containers can not compete with its competitors. 

Substance variations

Manufacturers often develop customized stand-up bags of a layered structure with many layers offering varying degrees of safety to the package. These features encompass hardness for standing, clarity to optimize the visual impact of the printing and protective characteristics to keep the contents fresh.Stand-up bag makers offers businesses with several options to opt for to help their commodity stay fresh. These characteristics encompass tear notches, hook to hook closures, slider closures, press to close zippers, and clipped k-seals.

Helps in branding 

Customized stand-up pouches permit businesses to customize their product packing, allowing companies to develop an attractive package for your customers. In this manner, companies can use stand-up pouch bags to market their products packed in them.

Sectors utilizing stand-up pouches

Whereas stand-up bags might be the most popular in cleaning and food product areas, various industries utilize innovative stand-up bags. Some of these encompass

Garden and lawn

Seeds, fertilizer, soil and the rest of garden supplies can spill simply when poorly packaged, making them challenging and unwieldly for consumers and retailers alike. With their flat bottom and usually resealable, stand-up bags stay closed and upright.

Pet treats and food

Stand-up bags offer convenient packing for pet food items, treats and the rest of pet care supplies that need frequent closing and opening.

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