• Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging

At Coast Package Material, we do our bit for green earth by offering biobags. These bags are made from 100% free plant-based materials, combination called Paper/PLA. Using water-based ink, we are able to print directly on paper, 6 spot colors maximum.



The best value for money bags for your products

Looking for an eco-friendly and durable bag packaging option? Look no further than Coast Package Material! Our Compostable bag packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, ensuring that it is one of the most sustainable bag packaging options on the market. Not only is our material environmentally friendly, but it is also durable and leak-proof. Plus, our low price point makes it ideal for small businesses and consumers alike. Our bags are durable and made with the finest grade of compostable materials, ensuring that your products arrive safe and sound. Not to mention, our bags are easily recycled, making them a responsible choice for the environment. Order your bags today and make a difference! Coast Package Material is the most sustainable and eco-friendly bag packaging option on the market!

We design these packaging just the way you like it

Coast Package Material is a leader in the custom bag packaging industry. We've been creating superior, affordable products and shipping solutions for over 30 years! Our team of graphic designers are here to create unique designs just for you! All you need to do is give us all your information about what each design includes so we can get started on it right away.

Our Compostable bag packaging is also used for food

Keep your product fresh and clean by using our food grade Compostable bag packaging! If you have a company which sells food products, then this is perfect for you. This material will keep all of the bacteria wiped out of whatever it's carrying extremely well.

Please don't forget to leave us feedback after purchasing our bags so we can get better at what we do! We look forward to hearing back from each and every customer in need of our wonderful products!

Our medical bags are now ready to ship out! Please contact us if you want a quote for customizing these bags specifically to your printing job. We specialize in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, so rest assured that whatever design or logo you provide we will be able to display it on your bag perfectly!

It can be used for frozen food items

They can also be used for frozen meat items like fish, beef and much more.

These bags are also great for separating your food items during the shipping process. They have a double wall plastic lining which will help keep out any outside elements in order to maintain all is properties such as quality of nutrients and aroma that you would expect from the product inside.

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